Unity, Integrity, Excellence
Unity, Integrity, Excellence

About Us

Inland Empire Bible Institute is a fellowship of  Christian believers with a passion for biblically sound teaching of the Word of God.  We strive for excellence, learning from one another and growing in our abilities as well as in our spiritual life, as a result of our work together.  Believing that academic learning is part of discipleship, we seek to provide for the Body of Christ whatever elements are missing in the training, equipping and building up of leaders who will carry the church into the next generation.


As a fellowship of Christian believers, we live to demonstrate Christian unity. Denominational barriers and doctrinal divisions fade when people of good will align themselves around the core of God’s magnificent Word.  As imperfect individuals with diversity in opinion and attitude, we understand that we may never agree on every issue. 


Therefore we hold to the maxim:  


In matters of Biblical fact, unity

In matters of opinion liberty

And in all things, love.  


In a world where Christian faith is constantly questioned, a fellowship of believers working consistently to demonstrate unity, liberty and love is a rare and powerful tool in the hands of God.

IEBI Is An IRS Approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.  All Donations Are 100% Tax Deductible.

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