Unity, Integrity, Excellence
Unity, Integrity, Excellence

The World is Out There . . .


Today it's more important than ever for Christian believers to have a critical understanding of both the Bible and the world.  "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." (Matthew 10:16)  Jesus wanted His disciples to be innocent of wrongdoing, but street-wise and well educated in the ways of men.  This takes time, resources and focus.  There is no crash course in innocence, no accelerated degree program in wisdom.  The world is waiting for authentic communicators of God's truth to step inside their circle, to uncompromisingly represent the reality the Bible teaches, and to relate on more than a surface level.  At IEBI personal mentoring, small group study, online content and academic excellence converge, producing well-rounded believers, authentic in all they do, to carry the Word of God from today's church to tomorrow's challenge.

. . . Waiting For Truth

Small-Group Bible Study - IEBI is committed to the ministry of small groups because they help people learn more efficiently.  To this end we produce materials for use by churches and independent Bible study groups, and also host studies in private homes and public venues. Community Bible Courses (see below) also employ a small group element that places people in dynamic learning situations where discipleship themes are discussed and applied.

Online Bible Education

IEBI produces self-directed, content-rich, online classes to help believers at all levels mature and grow in their knowledge of God's Word.  For a sample of how our online online sessions surpass the standard, canned lectures usually found on the worldwide web, check out ourVideo Gallery.


Seminars & Conferences

IEBI holds seminars set around biblical topics, Conferences addressing demographic groups, such as men, women, working professionals, etc. and Training Opportunities for churches and individuals. To learn more about upcoming conferences and seminars or to register personally for the next conference, check out our Programs Page on this site, or click on the image above.


Community Bible Courses

Part online class and part face-to-face group study, CBC's are designed for discipleship and personal enrichment, not to mention good fellowship.  Our first CBC, built around Dallas Willard's famous book, Hearing God, employs easy-to-access online elements with video sessions and discussion forums, supplemented by periodic on-ground gatherings for fellowship, debriefing and further learning opportunities. Click on the image above to register online.

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IEBI Is An IRS Approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.  All Donations Are 100% Tax Deductible.

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